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Who Really Matters

Who Really Matters

Who Really Matters

The Core Group Theory of Power, Priviledge, and Success

by Art Kleiner

While Enron, Tyco and others have given the concept of the Core Group a bad name, bestselling author Art Kleiner explains in Who Really Matters that companies need Core Groups to supply the energy and direction they require to be successful. By observing the Core Group’s members’ day-to-day activities, communications and management decisions, Kleiner argues that the astute employee can recognize decisions before they are made, and can be ready to react to change. Eventually, if that person is able to navigate to a position of influence, he or she can join the Core Group.

What You'll Learn

  • The Core Group Comes First. In most companies, customers are further down the list of priorities than you might think.
  • The Core Group Influences Decisions. Core Groups help people focus their decision-making process on the needs and requirements of a specific few.
  • How to Spot Common Core Groups. Find out how you can determine which kind of Core Group is the true driving force in your organization.
  • How to Determine Power and Legitimacy. What is the difference between positional power and legitimate power? The answer may help shed some light on your company's internal politics.
  • Knowing Your Boundaries. If you are not in the Core Group, you are a transactional employee, or an employee of mutual consent, and your entire relationship with your organization is based around this positional issue.
  • How to Manage the Core Group. Find out why senior executives cannot make decisions without considering the goals of the Core Group.
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