The Tech That Comes Next

How Changemakers, Philanthropists, and Technologists Can Build an Equitable World
# 15min reading time / 28min listening time
About the Summary

In The Tech that Comes Next: How Changmakers, Philanthropists, and Technologists Can Build an Equitable World, authors Amy Sample Ward and Afua Bruce focus on five key groups identified as social impact organizations, technologists, funders, policymakers, and communities. Belief systems about where resources are accumulated and how they are distributed, who has access to training and decision making, and what work is worthy of investment are core to what will be changed so that we can organize and collaborate in new ways. This book is an exercise in imagining a world that does technology differently. It is intended to invite us to dream of the tech that comes next.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How technology supports social change.
  • Why community accountability is crucial.
  • Why funding and development of technology needs to change.
  • The role laws and policy play in technology equity.
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