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Founded in 1978, Soundview pioneered the concept of distilling the key points and ideas of full-length business books into easy-to-read 4- to 8-page text and audio summaries, helping our users maximize their time and business intelligence.

Book Summaries

We only summarize the best new business books into 4- to 8-page text and 10- to 20-minute audio summaries. All of our plans also include access to our complete archive of book summaries covering the best business books ever written.


We host monthly webinars with top authors like John Maxwell, Liz Wiseman, Stephen M.R. Covey, Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni, Marshall Goldsmith, and more. Professional and Premier plans offer access to these live events plus on-demand access to all past events.


Our Premier Plan provides access to our complete video library.

BEST IDEA™ Videos - 2-minute videos that focus on the “best ideas” from today’s best-selling business books.

PINPOINTS® Videos - key takeaways from top business webinars.

SMART TIPS® Videos - eliminate Internet scavenger hunts with concise, five-minute video clips that teach you everything from business basics to specific skill sets.

The Edge

Professional and Premier Plan members also receive our monthly newsletter. It's focus is on professional development and it will help you enhance your current business skills and learn new ones. Each issue goes in-depth on a singular career-enhancing topic from a variety of expert sources.