Be a Happy Leader

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Thrive Personally, and Achieve Killer Business Results
# 10min reading time / 15min listening time
About the Summary

In Be a Happy Leader, author Tia Graham carefully crafts the roadmap for a meaningful pursuit of happiness and unravels what can be at stake when happiness takes a backseat in your life. Her evidence-based research and extensive experience in understanding the path toward happiness lays the groundwork for every leader who seeks to “lead happily.” Through her work, she helps you understand that happiness is not impossible to achieve. With the right understanding, effort, consistency, and an unfailing belief in yourself, you can not only smile but also thrive as a leader.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How happiness can be extremely beneficial for your personal and professional life and what it means to be a happy leader.
  • What can be at stake if prolonged unhappiness replaces positivity.
  • How your happiness and professional life are inextricably linked.
  • What the Happy Leader Methodology is and how you can inculcate it in your personal and professional life.
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