Inspiring Generational Leadership

Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture
# 10min reading time / 15min listening time
About the Summary

In Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture, DeLinda Forsythe shares her passion and success in developing tomorrow’s leaders. This guide takes readers on a journey revealing the financial, societal, and emotional benefits in leading, building, or working for a conscious business enterprise.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • What leadership tools and skills are needed to motivate and inspire Millennials and the emerging Gen Z cohort.
  • That mentoring future generations is more of a gift you give to yourself than to another.
  • How to continue your business’ legacy by selling it to your mentee.
  • How to consciously develop a business and personal brand based on excellence, best business practices, and values that resound equally with all stakeholders, and then understand how to reinforce and cultivate this brand awareness within your company and the community.
  • How to inject your gift of intuition—your transcendent guide—into your business to validate in practice what you might already intuitively know.
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