When Goliaths Clash

When Goliaths Clash

When Goliaths Clash

Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization

by Howard Guttman

In When Goliath’s Clash, Howard M. Guttman, the principal of Guttman Development Strategies Inc., a management consulting firm, describes how unresolved conflict in organizations, especially at the highest level, can have dire consequences. These include low productivity, employees’ anger and hostility, increased costs, and increased absenteeism and turnover. He explains that it is important for leaders to realize that conflict handled properly can actually be a great asset to a company. When conflict is managed well, it can lead to new ideas, improved teamwork and commitment, and a better understanding of the people who work alongside you day in and day out. When managers understand the root causes of conflict, they can be effective in using the conflict as a springboard to greater production and higher achievement.

What You'll Learn

  • The causes of conflict. Knowing the telltale signs of conflict can help managers analyze what?s causing it and deal with it effectively.
  • How to align your group to work together. Forming a group that agrees on strategic and operational goals makes it easier for group members to agree on ground rules and their roles for the project.
  • How to prevent conflicts from occurring. Avoiding personal attacks, respecting the opinions of others and resolving conflict as quickly as possible are a few of the techniques described.
  • Changing the "me" to "we." Take the steps necessary to emulate high-performance work teams who focus on the team's goals and not individual goals.
  • Effective leadership manages conflict. The management style and interpersonal skills of an organization?s senior management dictates how conflict affects the company.

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