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True To Our Roots

True To Our Roots

True To Our Roots

Fermenting a Business Revolution

by Paul Dolan

In True to Our Roots, winemaker and company president Paul Dolan describes the guiding principles he uses at Fetzer that can help managers in any industry build and grow stronger, more sustainable companies. With an intense commitment to define new business principles for the future, Dolan and Fetzer have taken steps toward proliferating sustainable commerce while leading a management revolution in one of the most competitive industries in the world. True to Our Roots offers a fascinating glimpse into the California wine industry as well as extensive proof that a company can do well while following sustainable business principles.

What You'll Learn

  • How to balance economic success with environmental and social responsibility and sustainable business practices.
  • How all our actions, and their consequences, remain inside a much larger system.
  • How everything in life gets its meaning from its context.
  • How people are the source of sustainability, not a resource for it.
  • How to create a virtuous cycle of knowledge and empowerment.
  • How sustainability requires that we orient ourselves toward a larger purpose.
  • How to expand people?s understanding of what's possible for them, their companies, and their world.
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