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The Responsibility Virus

The Responsibility Virus

The Responsibility Virus

How Control Freaks, Mother Hens, Shrinking Violets and Yes-Men Can Harness the Power of True Partnership

by Roger Martin

In The Responsibility Virus, Roger Martin unveils a vicious cycle of over-responsibility and under-responsibility infecting working relationships in many companies. Martin shows how heroic leaders take on too much responsibility, passive followers take on too little, and the two groups feed off each other. The result, general unhappiness and a dysfunctional operation.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use the Choice-Structuring Process to help people work together as a team while minimizing the likelihood anyone will seize or cede control of the decision-making process.
  • How to use the Frame Experiment to see problems from the other side and come up with solutions that address the fear of failure.
  • How to use the Responsibility Ladder, a development tool that works on building skills in delicate situations, allowing parties to assume enough responsibility to stretch their abilities without overwhelming them.
  • How to redefine Leadership and Followership away from the heroic leader and passive follower model to a role that better suits the need to collaborate and become true partners.
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