Capitalizing on Conflict

Capitalizing on Conflict

Capitalizing on Conflict

Strategies and Practices for Turning Conflict to Synergy in Organizations

by Kirk Blackard & James Gibson

Do you want to optimize performance? If you do, you must first find a way to create an environment that minimizes workplace conflict and integrates resolution strategies into management systems. Only by preventing or minimizing, bringing to the surface, and resolving conflict can you unleash the full power of the organization. Capitalizing on Conflict shows readers how a company can create a comprehensive, organization-wide effort to resolve specific conflict events with proven strategies and practical tools.

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize that conflict is inevitable, and that there are ways to minimize its impact. You'll need time, people and money.
  • Create and maintain a trusting environment in which all the parties involved in a conflict have the information they need and believe conflict resolutions
  • Avoid policy-driven conflict by creating policies that are fair, necessary and understood by those who must follow them.
  • Hire and keep the right work force by balancing your organization?s needs with those of employees so that you have the right size work force that is full of the right people for the job.
  • Identify and surface conflict so that it can be effectively dealt with.
  • Understand the difference between disagreements and conflicts so that more problems can be resolved earlier and easier.
  • Develop an alternative dispute resolution system that is right for your organization.

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