Bridging the Boomer-Xer Gap

Bridging the Boomer-Xer Gap

Bridging the Boomer-Xer Gap

Creating Authentic Teams for High Performance at Work

by Danilo Sirias, Connie Fuller & Hank Karp

Today’s workplaces are dominated by two generational groups: Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. The Boomers now hold top management and policy-making positions, while the younger Xers have just recently entered the world of work. Unfortunately, both groups view each other with suspicion. Boomers tend to believe the stereotype that Xers are slackers, loners, and self-absorbed. Xers think Boomers are incapable of adapting to technological and social change. Both stereotypes are false, and those who manage Boomers and Xers must learn how to dispel the myths. In this summary you will learn how to help Boomers and Xers in your organization overcome their stereotypical thinking and bridge the actual differences that do exist.

What You'll Learn

  • Building Authentic Teams: Authentic teams let Xers and Boomers work together by allowing them to see, appreciate and accept their differences. Once they do, intergenerational teams will work together effectively while retaining their individuality. You will learn how to take your team through difficult but predictable stages as it becomes a high-performance team.
  • Supporting Authentic Teams: You will learn what a team leader needs to do to let an authentic team do its best work. Authentic team leaders know when to make decisions and when to let the team take responsibility.
  • Authentic Problem Solving: You will learn exactly how a team should go about determining what it wants to accomplish and how it will implement objectives designed to get it to the goal.
  • Managing Conflict: You will learn why intergenerational conflict exists and how you can defuse it.

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