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  • Image of Good Company
    Image of Good Company

    Business Success in the Worthiness Era

    by Larry Costello, Ed Frauenheim, Laurie Bassi, Dan McMurrer

    Laurie Bassi and her coauthors show that despite the dispiriting headlines, we are entering what they coin the "Worthiness Era." And in it, the good guys are poised to win. Across the globe, people are choosing the companies in their lives in the same way they choose the guests they invite into their homes. They are demanding that companies be "good company." The authors created the Good Company Index to look at Fortune 100 companies' records as employers, sellers and...

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  • Image of Green to Gold
    Image of Green to Gold

    How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

    by Andrew Winston, Daniel Esty

    This book explores what every executive must know to manage today’s environmental challenges. Based on the authors’ years of experience and hundreds of interviews with corporate leaders around the world, the book shows how companies generate lasting value by building environmental thinking into their business strategies.

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  • Image of The Triple Bottom Line
    Image of The Triple Bottom Line

    Why Sustainability is Transforming the Best-Run Companies and How It Can Work for You

    by Andrew Savitz

    Author Andrew Savitz approaches the concept of sustainability in three-part harmony, with a look at how businesses prosper financially while protecting and renewing the social, environmental and economic resources they need. He says they can fail if they do not tend to all three, and his claims are not without merit. With an eye to the Fortune 100 companies leading this movement, The Triple Bottom Line approaches sustainability as a “win-win-win” prospect achievable in any industry.

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  • Image of The Power of Sustainable Thinking
    Image of The Power of Sustainable Thinking

    How to Create a Positive Future for the Climate, the Planet, Your Organization and Your Life

    by Bob Doppelt

    The Power of Sustainable Thinking by Bob Doppelt gets to the heart of how our thinking got us in this mess, and how it can get us out.

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  • Image of Positively Responsible
    Image of Positively Responsible

    How Business Can Save the Planet

    by Erik Bichard, Cary Cooper

    Positively Responsible by Erik Bichard and Cary Cooper helps business leaders change company and employee thinking, and explains why businesses are the key to saving the planet.

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  • Image of The Business Guide to Sustainability
    Image of The Business Guide to Sustainability

    Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations

    by Darcy Hitchcock, Marsha Willard

    Translating the abstract concepts of sustainability into practical tools and strategies that are easily understood and implemented, Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard emphasize that for sustainability to continue, it must be pursued by those other than early adopters and the zealous minority. Hitchcock and Willard offer guidance on how various organizations at all levels can apply sustainability in their everyday work.

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  • Image of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook
    Image of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook

    When It All Comes Together

    by William Russell, Jeana Wirtenberg, David Lipsky

    Twenty-nine members of the Enterprise Sustainability Action Team (ESAT) contributed to this book to help increase understanding and awareness of sustainability on a conceptual, practical and personal level; to energize and expand commitment to building sustainable enterprises; and to provide the tools and techniques needed to improve personal and enterprise sustainability performance in the short and long term. Of note, this summary includes a description and image of The Sustainability Pyramid

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