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Nobodies to Somebodies

Nobodies to Somebodies

Nobodies to Somebodies

How 100 Great Careers Got Their Start

by Peter Han

Nobodies to Somebodies explores how many successful people found their true callings in a wide range of fields, and went from Nobodies to Somebodies. Based on interviews with 100 highly accomplished leaders — actors, CEOs, senators, scientists and others — this summary describes the early paths they traveled, the hard choices they made, and the lessons they learned along the way. Describing many extremely diverse career paths, it explores common themes and lessons that can help anyone eager to start a satisfying career.

What You'll Learn

  • How did those 100 leaders choose their professional paths and think of their first jobs? Learn how they worried less about one key formula to discover their destiny ? and more about how to be themselves, how to find themselves, and how to translate knowledge of their identity into fruitful work.
  • Do leaders experience doubt and insecurity? Discover how they used their insecurities and inexperience as extra motivation to spur them to action.
  • Did Somebodies start out believing they could achieve anything? Find out how the ability to find confidence, which in turn fostered ambition, marked them for success.
  • Did the 100 Somebodies develop a positive outlook because others treated them well ? or treat others well because of their own positive outlook? Learn how it was a little of both. Leaders often have friendly, even magnetic, personalities, which multiply their positive interactions with others, and those experiences reinforce their sociable natures in an ever-repeating virtuous cycle.
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