Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has worked with over 70 top CEOs and their management teams, and conducts workshops for executives, high–potential leaders and HR professionals. The American Management Association named him as one of 50 thinkers and business leaders who have most influenced the field of management over the last four decades.

The Goldsmith Coaching Process™ (GCP™) — based on an empirically tested method of executive coaching — focuses on behavioral change. By identifying specific behaviors to improve and choosing concrete methods of change, the GCP supports leaders in making positive and measurable behavior improvements.

Also, Marshall Goldsmith Partners LLC is a leadership development firm that delivers executive coaching as well as other leadership development services to clients around the globe. The firm brings together the behavioral coaching expertise of Marshall Goldsmith with the power of Katzenbach Partners LLC, a leading organizational performance consulting firm.

Coaches at Marshall Goldsmith Partners serve clients including some of the world’s largest organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, government entities, academic institutions and nonprofits.

Goldsmith is the author of multiple business best-sellers, including How Women Rise, Triggers, and his most recent book The Earned Life.

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