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    Soundview Executive Book Summaries® publishes summaries of the best business books of each year on leadership issues including leadership training, succession planning, leadership styles, influence, credibility, leadership skills, charisma, trust, accountability, transparency and more. These summaries will take your leadership skills to the next level.

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    • Image of Multipliers
      Image of Multipliers

      How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

      by Liz Wiseman

      In this revised and updated edition of the best-seller Multipliers, leadership expert Liz Wiseman explores these two leadership styles, showing how Multipliers can have a resoundingly positive and profitable effect on organizations.

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    • Image of The Power of a Graceful Leader
      Image of The Power of a Graceful Leader

      by Alexsys Thompson

      Graceful leadership is the most integrated form of leadership. It allows you to form a bridge between personal and professional, align yourself to your purpose, and adapt as required for each unique situation.

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    • Image of Death by Meeting
      Image of Death by Meeting

      A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

      by Patrick Lencioni

      Organizations that follow Lencioni’s guidelines will no longer be wasting “time, energy, and enthusiasm lamenting the drudgery of meetings” like their competitors and will thus gain a competitive edge.

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    • Image of Thrive
      Image of Thrive

      The Leader's Guide to Building a High-Performance Culture

      by Andrew Freedman, Paul Elliott

      Thrive provides you with a replicable, scalable model to achieve levels of success that you didn’t believe possible - for your organization, your people, and your customers.

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    • Image of Adored
      Image of Adored

      The Leader Your Team Needs You to Be

      by Tom DeCotiis

      In Adored, Dr. Tom DeCotiis draws upon his own experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, and CEO to explain how using your values can allow you to transform your business and coworkers for the better.

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    • Image of The 4 Disciplines of Execution
      Image of The 4 Disciplines of Execution

      Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals

      by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, Sean Covey

      The 4 Disciplines of Execution, Revised and Updated, offers a simple, repeatable, and proven formula for executing your most important strategic priorities in the midst of the whirlwind.

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    • Image of The Leadership PIN Code
      Image of The Leadership PIN Code

      Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships

      by Nashater Deu Solheim

      The Leadership PIN Code uses PIN as an acronym for the primary tasks of a leader to persuade, influence, and negotiate with those they lead and the key stakeholders who influence your work.

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    • Image of Empowered
      Image of Empowered

      Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products

      by Marty Cagan, Chris Jones

      Empowered puts decades of lessons learned from the best leaders of the top technology companies in your hand as a guide

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    • Image of The Phoenix Encounter Method
      Image of The Phoenix Encounter Method

      Lead Like Your Business Is on Fire!

      by Ian C. Woodward, Sameer Hasija, V. Padmanabhan, Ram Charan

      Whatever your sector or industry, if you’re responsible for your organization’s ability to use change as a transformative opportunity, you’ll appreciate the dramatic impact The Phoenix Encounter Method will have on you

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