Leading through Disruption

A Changemaker's Guide to Twenty-First Century Leadership
# 15min reading time / 27min listening time
About the Summary

Figuring out how to deploy business and leadership lessons and skills needs to be reimagined and retaught. We are living in a new normal or, rather, a new abnormal. Traditional leadership models no longer work due to an intersecting set of tectonic, permanent fissures that have come together to reorganize what it means to do business today. In Leading Through Disruption: A Changemaker’s Guide to Twenty-First Century Leadership, former Dow CEO Andrew Liveris highlights the biggest issues businesses and business leaders face today, along with a few possible solutions to bring us strongly into the future.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • What ESGs are and how business metrics are tied to them.
  • How societal factors call for Inclusive Capitalism.
  • Three leadership lessons to take into 2050.
  • Why geopolitics and government matter more than ever.
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