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Change happens, adversity in business is inevitable, and a leader’s decisions always have human consequences. So, when a crisis knocks at your organization’s door, the only question worth asking is, “Are the decisions you take as a leader human-focused?” The book Leading with Humanity: How Purpose Creates Value unlocks precious ideas, innovative approaches, and actionable methods for leaders to lead their organizations through difficult times. It serves as a roadmap to building cultures that enable people to excel and organizations to succeed. By putting his colorful personal experiences on the table, author Tom Wellner shows us how to strike the right balance between purpose and profit, adapt to change through innovation, and take a human-first approach toward our organizations’ success.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to leverage courageous curiosity to foster innovation.
  • How to adapt to change through innovation.
  • How to establish the equilibrium between purpose and profit.
  • To achieve excellence by building cultures of respect, integrity, and compassion.
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