The Wisdom of the Bullfrog

Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy)
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About the Summary

In military terms, the bullfrog is “the longest serving frogman and Navy SEAL on active duty.” Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired), former bullfrog and current chancellor of the University of Texas System, sets out to relay all he has learned about leadership in his book, The Wisdom of the Bullfrog: Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy). While his book is replete with military stories and lessons McRaven learned while serving the nation in the military, his advice holds for anybody acting in a leadership role in any capacity. McRaven has developed a list of eighteen sayings he encountered throughout his life, and in each of his chapters, he presents the saying, explains it, and gives an example of how he has seen it play out. This is not a step by step guide to becoming a leader or a collection of case studies. Rather, this book goes deeper than that and expounds upon who a leader must be if they are to lead effectively.

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