Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace
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In the age of the Internet, many corporate cultures don’t match up with how people are required to work in the new economy. Here’s a road map for changing your company culture so it will help rather hinder your company’s transformation.

In This Summary You Will Learn:
• How to make the jump to warp speed. Everything moves fast and furious in the Internet world. You will see why moving to warp speed requires you to learn to tolerate risk and make quick decisions.
• How to build a corporate culture in a virtual organization. Discover how to maintain a corporate culture when employees don’t work in the office. Included in this section: seven steps for successfully transmitting your corporate culture to a new remote worker.
• How to live with parallel cultures. As you transition to e-business — by setting up separate Internet-driven divisions or companies that run parallel to the bricks-and-mortar activities of the organization — you will have to live with the resulting parallel company cultures.
• How to manage a new breed of teams. In e-business, teams form, get the job done and disband. You will learn how to manage these teams.
• How to communicate openly and manage knowledge. Learn why in the .com world no one
controls information; it belongs to everyone. Discover the best way to manage the knowledge that’s crucial to a successful e-business.
• How to build corporate IQ. Learning is crucial. See why so many leading companies are changing the way they train workers.

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