Citizen Marketers

When People Are the Message
# 15min reading time / 20min listening time
About the Summary

Marketing experts Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba explore the ramifications of social media in Citizen Marketers. As everyday people increasingly create content on behalf of companies, brands or products, they are collaborating with others just like themselves and forming ever-growing communities of enhusiasts and evangelists – getting the word out about what products they love or hate.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • What social media is and how it accelerates the spread of ideas.
  • The four types of citizen marketers and what they have in common.
  • Who 1 Percenters are and why they are important to marketing.
  • How two of the most popular Web sites have democratized the tools of self-expression.
  • The three C’s of working with citizen marketers.
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