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    The War For Talent

    The War For Talent

    The authors say employers must develop talent through the efforts of every leader in a company. These efforts must address people management with as much effort and commitment as a company puts into its customer management. Their book shows organizations how to take a proactive approach to recruitment and make talent development part of the company’s goals, as well as how to differentiate the best and brightest from low- to mid-level performers.

    What You'll Learn

    • Embrace a talent mindset. Talent development is the direct responsibility of every successful leader, from renowned CEOs like Jack Welch to the smallest small-market entrepreneur. The war for talent cannot be delegated to HR - every leader in your company must get in the trenches and make a contribution.
    • Craft a winning employee value proposition. Company leadership must address people management with the same vigor it brings to customer management and with the same commitment to value.
    • Rebuild recruiting strategy. You must take a proactive approach to finding talent going out, finding great candidates, and approaching them, regardless of whether they're actively looking for work.
    • Weave development into the organization. If you don't take an active role in developing your best and brightest talent, you will lose them, and will have trouble attracting great talent to take their places.
    • Differentiate and affirm employees. To maximize the efficiency of your talent pool, you need to make certain you are differentiating your best managers from your mid- and low-level performers.
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