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    The Dollarization Discipline

    The Dollarization Discipline

    The Dollarization Discipline

    How Smart Companies Create Customer Value... and Profit from It

    by Jeffrey Fox & Richard Gregory

    In The Dollarization Discipline, marketing guru Jeffrey J. Fox and management consultant Richard C. Gregory describe how organizations can measure and explain the financial impact of noncost benefits, including increased market share, increased sales volume, and increased pricing power. The authors explain that “dollarization” should be a discipline that businesses apply across a broad set of sales, marketing and management activities, forcing organizations to be customer-focused and customer-driven. Throughout this summary, the authors describe how the difficult task of dollarization can be put into practice.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to effectively communicate the economic value created by your products and services.
    • How to use a step-by-step strategy to calculate the monetary gain a customer receives in exchange for the price paid.
    • How to handle price objections, shorten sales cycles, protect business from competition, and get appointments.
    • How to apply the techniques of dollarization to new product pricing, advertising and communications.
    • Ways to discover how customers make money and align resources to help those customers make more money.
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