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    Proactive Risk Management

    Proactive Risk Management

    Proactive Risk Management

    Controlling Uncertainty in Product Development

    by Guy Merritt & Preston Smith

    Proactive Risk Management offers product development teams a plan with which they can enhance their management of project risks by identifying risks early and managing them to diminish disruption throughout the project. Using a practical, easy-to-use, fact-based approach, it will help developers manage all the risks associated with a project. Although this process is tailored to commercial product development, it is applicable to many other types of projects with some adaptation.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to integrate risk management into project management. This summary provides a five-step plan for managing project risk effectively.
    • How to model a specific risk. This summary illustrates and defines the Standard Risk Model.
    • Guidance on identifying drivers of risks. You?ll learn to manage root causes instead of symptoms.
    • Appropriate quantification of the key factors of a risk. This summary illustrates specific quantification methods that allow you to prioritize risks effectively.
    • How to implement project risk management at your company. You will learn which tools and strategies will enhance implementation and which organizational and cultural impediments can undermine implementation.
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