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Your Personal Career Coach

A subscription to Soundview is like having your own career coach at your fingertips 24/7. We are the only book summary provider that focuses all of our content on business and your professional development.

Learn important tips & strategies you can apply at work immediately. Be prepared to respond intelligently in your business meetings. Stay up-to-date on new business trends impacting the workplace. Use as a reference tool when questions arise at work.

How Soundview Works


Authors, publishers, and PR folks send us new business books every month. After an extensive review process, our editors sort through all of them to select only the best titles that will help you grow professionally and prosper in your career.


We'll alert you when new summaries are avialable. Read your summaries on-screen and take notes & highlight important sections, download summaries for offline reading (or listening) later on, or access them on our phone thru our mobile app. It's simple - you choose when, where, and how often you want to access our summaries.


We identify only the top ideas & strategies from today's best-selling leadership and career development books and create 15-minute text & audio summaries. Only the most important parts of each book make it into our summaries.


Not only do we save you time (our summaries can be read/listened to in about 15 minutes each), but we also save you money by giving you access to summaries of more than 100 new books each year for only a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for the full-length books.