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The business world is full of statistics, but the real story about a business is often hidden in the number of people it employs. Natalie Dawson introduces this concept in the introduction of her book TeamWork: How to Build a High Performance Team, saying that out of the 31.5 million small to mid-sized businesses in the United States, 25 million have one employee listed – their founder. The next 5.3 million businesses in the group have two to 15 employees, and only 600,000 businesses have more than 15 employees. The statistics help lay the foundation that it is hard to build a business solely through the people – and while growing and scaling sound easy in theory – they are not and require going to bat against the odds. That is what Natalie’s book provides readers: the whole system required to create a people process in a business, including the resources and the structure required for cultural, operational, and financial scale.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to lead a team and develop people to form a winning combination.
  • How to use a process being followed by a successful business.
  • What it takes to grow and scale a team for success.
  • The true value of teamwork and what it means to your business.
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