Same Side Selling

How Integrity and Collaboration Drive Extraordinary Results for Sellers and Buyers
By Ian Altman, Jack Quarles
About the Summary

Same Side Selling gives practical steps to overcome sales barriers and turn confrontation into cooperation. Since the authors are a salesman (Ian Altman) and a procurement veteran who understands how companies buy (Jack Quarles), both the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives are baked into every sentence of the book. The aim is to replace the adversarial trap with a cooperative, collaborative mindset. Discover how to sell with integrity from the same side of the table for better results all around.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • Why better selling is more like a puzzle than a game.
  • The importance of fit rather than closing the sale at all costs.
  • To narrow your market and educate, rather than convince, your prospects.
  • To stay involved after the sale to ensure great results.
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