Thomas A. Freese

The first time Tom Freese oversold his sales quota by 200 percent, everyone thought it was a fluke. When he did it again, they assumed it was just some sort of freak accident. Over and over for seven consecutive years, Tom not only exceeded his sales quota, he doubled it. Suddenly, his success in selling was more than a trend. It was a business phenomenon!

With more than seventeen years of experience in the corporate sales and management trenches, Tom packaged his unique approach into a highly proven strategic sales methodology called Question Based Selling. Now he works with sales organizations all over the world to show salespeople how a question-based approach can significantly increase their sales results. As founder and president of QBS Research, Inc., Tom is considered one of the foremost authorities on sales methodology, buyer motivation, and business strategy.

Tom Freese lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two daughters. Between speaking events, Tom is working on his next book—a collection of strategic tools and selling techniques that will give salespeople the edge they need to compete in an increasingly tumultuous sales marketplace.

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