Break From the Pack

How to Compete in a Copycat Economy
# 15min reading time / 24min listening time
About the Summary

To excel in the cramped business world today, individuals and organizations must learn when to leave the herd behind and break from the pack with fresh ideas and ahead-of-the-game innovation. Harari provides a four-pronged process in Break from the Pack for moving into the lead and leaving competition behind, while providing lively examples through the “Madonna Effect” and the “Willie Nelson Principle.” In what Harari calls a “Copycat Economy,” it is essential to differentiate as well as dominate in the growing market in order to succeed.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • The 10 compulsions that are guaranteed to keep you mired in the pack.
  • Lessons from Madonna and Willie Nelson that will show you how to jump to the front of the pack.
  • Why ‘Davids’ sometimes beat ‘Goliaths’.
  • Personal leadership tips that you’ll need to inspire people to do break-from-the-pack things.
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