Oren Harari

Oren Harari, professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of San Francisco, is the author of seven previous books. His book The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell (McGraw Hill, 2002) reached the bestseller lists of The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal. Other books that he has authored or coauthored have achieved bestseller status and numerous accolades, including BeepBeep! Competing in the Age of the Roadrunner (Warner Business Books, 2001), Leapfrogging the Competition: Five Giant Steps to Becoming a Market Leader (Prima Lifestyles, 1999), and Jumping the Curve: Innovation and Strategic Choice in an Age of Transition (Jossey-Bass, 1996).

Harari was selected by the London Financial Times and Prentice Hall as one of “the world’s greatest management thinkers” and was featured with 39 other prominent individuals in the book Business Minds. In his books, articles and blogs, Harari debunks conventional approaches to management and describes the strategic decisions and leadership behaviors that actually do propel organizations into a successful position of competitive advantage.

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