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    Get There Early

    Get There Early

    Get There Early

    Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present

    by Bob Johansen

    Very few leaders consult a crystal ball or a psychic when it comes to looking into the future with regards to their business; nonetheless, they are still responsible for understanding how the decisions they made yesterday will affect their organization five years from now. Johansen and the Institute for the Future provide their insights into the next decade, and show readers how they too can begin to navigate the road to the future.

    What You'll Learn

    • Seven directions of change in the next decade.
    • Core dilemmas of the five driving forces in IFTF's 10-Year Forecast.
    • The difference between a problem and a dilemma.
    • What common obstacles to avoid to ensure a successful transition.
    • How to conduct an effective After Action Review.
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