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  • Email Your Way to Success

    In the era of productivity apps like Slack, Teamwork, Asana, this was supposed to be the period when we finally said goodbye to email. And yet, email just keeps hanging around. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar, it’s (somewhat) efficient, and it combines short-form communication with the ability to craft more thoughtful, long-form content. But just like […]

  • Why We Need Managers – And How to Be the Kind of Manager We Need

    Everybody loves leaders. We read all the leadership books, listen to all the leadership podcasts, and soak up all the knowledge and wisdom we can about what makes a leader truly great. But managers? Those we have fallen a bit out of love with. The much-maligned manager is actually an essential role that’s not done […]

  • When the New Normal Is Constantly New (and Never Normal)

    We entered 2020 with naive optimism, having no idea of the disruptive forces of the pandemic that were soon to come. In 2021, many of us thought things couldn’t possibly get any crazier – until they did. Now, many of us carry a certain cautiousness. But even as many of the sources of upheaval that […]

  • Hybrid Work: What It Means, Why We Need It, and How We’re Doing It Wrong

    A year ago, hybrid work environments – where employees split work time between in-person offices and remote setups – were reserved for forward-thinking startups, certain lucky employees, and unique companies with employees scattered around the world. Now, hybrid work environments are the norm. But are we doing them right? Has simply switching from demanding employees […]

  • Master the Art of Criticism

    It is difficult not to use negative feedback or harsh criticism when someone you lead is not being effective and is making mistakes. But this Executive Edge offers some perspective and strategies that suggest some alternate approaches. Learn about alliance feedback, motivational conversations, avoiding turning into a bad boss, feedback triggers and building trust with […]

  • The Art of Instigating Change

    Convincing others to make a breakthrough change that you know is needed is not easy. This Executive Edge points out some key elements that should be part of your effort to initiate a successful change, such as: establishing the need for change, how to communicate the change, what kinds of tensions and resistance you’ll come […]

  • Motivate Your Employees

    Workforce motivation calls for companies and their leaders to structure work in ways in which employees feel challenged, trusted, valued, and able to learn and grow. This Executive Edge explores the importance of meeting employees’ psychological needs, giving their work meaning, making it fulfilling, and creating a work environment that fosters sustainable motivation. Learn what […]

  • How to Improve Employee Morale

    In a high-demand industry, restructuring and changing processes within your organization becomes inevitable. In return, employees must adapt to an ever-changing climate, which can lead to decreased morale. Increasing employee morale in your company will result in more productivity and reduce turnover rates. In this issue of Executive Edge, you will learn how to boost […]

  • Improve Execution for Optimal Performance

    You’ve developed your strategy, now to get to work and start executing your project plan. However, a well-organized plan has the potential to fall apart in spite of preparation. To assist with current and future plans, in this issue of Executive Edge we look at how to improve your company’s ability to execute a plan […]

  • Leverage the Value of a Changing Workforce

    Today’s workforce has become a melting pot of generational and cultural differences prompted in part by economic necessity and rapid global expansion. This is a good thing. By embracing a diverse workforce, organizations can boost productivity and build the ability to maneuver in an increasingly complex business arena. In the right environment employees will find […]

  • Learn the Impact of Trust and Distrust

    Trust impacts all aspects of business. If there is distrust, there is less creativity, less motivation, and less productivity. Distrust can lurk in relationships, teams, and whole organizations. In this Edge, we look at the damage that suspicion can do in the absence of trust, the importance of leading out with trust, and steps that […]

  • Manage for Results

    Today’s managers are tasked with building a foundation for consistent results. In this Executive Edge, there are insights on how to keep everyone focused on results, aligning your own mindset in order to achieve success, communicating effectively and efficiently, building a team that can manage itself, and working hard with others to achieve the results […]

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