Email Your Way to Success

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In the era of productivity apps like Slack, Teamwork, Asana, this was supposed to be the period when we finally said goodbye to email. And yet, email just keeps hanging around. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar, it’s (somewhat) efficient, and it combines short-form communication with the ability to craft more thoughtful, long-form content. But just like the much-maligned meeting, email’s powers can be used for good or for evil. The problem is that we see email as a natural extension of our ingrained communication skills. In this issue of The Edge, we’re featuring three books – Email Writing Advanced, Effective Emails, and Awesome Email – that all center on writing better emails and managing your inbox more effectively. But more than that, they’re about harnessing email’s potential to help you reach your goals, be more productive with your teams, and advance your career.

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