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  • Culture Is A Verb: Going Beyond Values to Ensure Organizations Can Thrive

    Workplace culture is often something we talk about at the organizational level. We read about organizations who have made culture central to their identity, and as a result have become icons we all look up to and strive to emulate. But is it possible that in our efforts to make culture central to our organizations, […]

  • Diversity in the Workplace: From Feel-Good Buzzword to Daily Action

    Are you an inclusive leader? In this issue, we’ll touch on three excellent books released this year, The Inclusive Leader’s Playbook: The Work of the Inclusive Leader, Corporations Compassion Culture: Leading Your Business toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Did That Just Happen?!: Beyond “Diversity” – Creating Sustainable and Inclusive Organizations, that all hone in […]

  • Successful Leaders Build Good Cultures

    Much of the satisfaction of being a leader can be traced to building a workplace culture that provides fulfillment for those they lead, which in turn provides self-fulfillment. In this Edge, we look at culture as the collective energy of the team, recognizing resistance in ourselves and others and what’s behind it, what a workplace […]

  • Reach for the Rewards of Diversity

    Diversity in the workplace has proven to add value in decision-making, innovation and performance. But much of its success depends upon a company’s culture and leadership. This Executive Edge considers insider-outsider dynamics, fluent leadership, cultural intelligence, fighting unconscious bias, and managing diversity as a transglobal leader.  To expand value for their companies, leaders should reach […]

  • Optimize Your Culture

    A successfully developed workplace culture engages, energizes and empowers employees and this can create a distinct advantage in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. In this Executive Edge there is insight into how culture drives competitive advantage, why you should invest in a positive work culture, how to connect as a leader, and why culture change should be […]

  • Maintaining a High Level of Trust

    Most C-suite executives and managers do not think about the organizational and societal consequences of low trust. However, the repercussions of low trust within an organization can be unfavorable to the culture, production and profits. In this issue of the Executive Edge, we look at how to maintain a high level of trust so that […]

  • How to Improve Employee Morale

    In a high-demand industry, restructuring and changing processes within your organization becomes inevitable. In return, employees must adapt to an ever-changing climate, which can lead to decreased morale. Increasing employee morale in your company will result in more productivity and reduce turnover rates. In this issue of Executive Edge, you will learn how to boost […]

  • What Creates a High-Trust Work Environment

    Trust has dramatic business implications for the workplace. With a high level of trust, people feel free to express and share their ideas; communication and collaboration can happen quickly; and innovation and productivity are handsome results. In this Executive Edge, the focus is on ways that trust can be embedded within an organization – in […]

  • Build a Workforce That Aligns Differences

    To meet the needs of your company, it is valuable to have cooperative strategies in which people leverage each other’s strengths and are bonded together by a sense of belonging. When people are encouraged and supported to do their best work individually and collectively, your company wins. In this Executive Edge, you’ll learn how beneficial […]

  • Transform Your Employees Into Experts

    A proactive strategy that can benefit companies is to help employees develop their skills and build new ones in order to keep up with changes in their industry. This Executive Edge offers suggestions on how to encourage employees to learn, build expertise, and become great leaders. It also includes a piece on how you can […]

  • Clear a Path For Creativity

    Creativity can give a business a competitive edge because it involves individuals having the ability to visualize things in totally different or better ways. A company’s future and profitability rely on its ability to innovate and innovation depends on creativity. With this in mind, this Executive Edge looks at ways to nurture creativity within your […]

  • Cultivate a Culture of Inclusion

    If employees don’t feel included in what’s going on in an organization, they tend to become disengaged. In this Edge, we examine how vital inclusion is to engagement, why it’s important to make room for everyone’s success, recognize the strong human need to belong, understand what really causes burnout, and appreciate the need to leverage […]

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