Culture Is A Verb: Going Beyond Values to Ensure Organizations Can Thrive

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Workplace culture is often something we talk about at the organizational level. We read about organizations who have made culture central to their identity, and as a result have become icons we all look up to and strive to emulate. But is it possible that in our efforts to make culture central to our organizations, we’ve been thinking too big? Not in terms of our goals, but in terms of the way we think about what makes a culture. Consider the way we talk about political topics and elections. All of our attention is focused on the federal level – but it’s our local cities and neighborhoods where our voice has the greatest impact on our day-to-day life and that of our neighbors. It’s time we realized that the same is often true about organizational culture. In this Edge, we look at books like The Culture System,  ReCulturing, and The Waymakers, to learn to take a more active role in culture that focuses on the people that drive it.

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