Presenting to Win

The Art of Telling Your Story
By Jerry Weissman
# 15min reading / 25min listening time
About the summary

Weissman, a former television producer and veteran of major Initial Public Offering presentations, shows what it takes to connect successfully with your audience. For example, Weissman offers 16 options for logically structuring your presentations.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:
• How you can convince even the toughest audience with techniques that have been proven in hundreds of IPO road shows.
• What you must do to tell your story and how you can identify your real goals and message.
• How you can use the power of WIIFY — What’s In It For You — to stay focused on what your audience really cares about.
• How to go about brainstorming what will be included in your presentation, ensuring that no important ideas are left out and no irrelevant ones make their way in.
• How to use Opening Gambits and compelling linkages to capture your audience’s attention in the first 90 seconds and keeping their attention through the end.
• How to create a winning and effective presentation, including making the most of bullets, graphics, charts and special effects.
• How to practice your presentation using your prepares slides as your guide.

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