Breakout Blueprint

How to Find Your Passion, Take Action, and Build a Lifestyle Business
By Doug Foley
# 10min reading time / 14min listening time
About the Summary

Author and entrepreneur, Doug Foley, interviewed over 120 entrepreneurs and is convinced there is more opportunity now than at any other time in human history to create the life you want. Breakout Blueprint offers the mindset and tools you need to start building the life you were meant to live. It will give you the path to creating more time for yourself, for your family, and for doing the things you love. If you’re looking to make your business and job work for you (rather than the other way around), then you’re probably looking at building a lifestyle business.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • The difference between happiness and fulfillment.
  • How to recognize your zone of genius.
  • How to identify which of your skills the market needs.
  • Why valuable solutions are well-compensated.
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