About the Summary

In Levers, you learn how to find the levers of your business so that you can create repeatability and succeed in the true meaning of the word. Amos Schwartzfarb and Trevor Boehm teach you to do this through a set of 5 tools that all successful businesspeople use, whether they realize it or not. These tools are designed so that entrepreneurs cannot just see the potential success of a company, but what levers need to be pulled so that the company can succeed. All around, this book teaches how to build a successful business with anticipated results by identifying and pulling strategic levers.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • What it means when a company “works.”
  • Why true vision is the secret ingredient of a successful business.
  • Five tools to help you have vision, identify levers in your business, and know which levers to pull for success.
  • How to gain more control over your business outcomes.
  • How to turn your vision into reality.
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