One to Ten

Finding Your Way from Startup to Scaleup
By Rags Gupta
# 10min reading time / 14min listening time
About the Summary

Most startup tech founders create something out of nothing, raise their first institutional rounds, convince some early adopters to pay for their product. They grow the kernel of what could become a real business. Then they hit a wall. They struggle to progress past customer pilots. To transcend founder-led sales. To go from a scrappy group pitching in to build out an executive team and a well-functioning organization. The going gets messy during the One-to-Ten phase, that awkward adolescence when a startup scales beyond its first customers, its early team, its first million in revenue. In this summary of Rags Gupta’s One to Ten: Finding Your Way from Startup to Scaleup, you’ll learn how to go from initial innovation to a sustainable, growing, and successful business that exceeds customer expectations and more.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • Tools, frameworks and process to overcome inevitable growing pains.
  • What it means to move from innovation (zero to one) to sustainable growth (one to ten) and beyond.
  • A clear picture of how others startups have succeeded at overcoming the ‘sophomore slump’ after initial hype.
  • How to plan for disaster and keep your plans simple enough to be executed on consistently.
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