Without a Doubt

How to Go from Underrated to Unbeatable
# 15min reading time / 23min listening time
About the Summary

Author Surbhi Sarna knows what it’s like to have the weight of doubt pulling at you while trying to reach your goals. The route she took culminated in selling her medical device company for $275 million, but was fraught with such heavy moments. Maybe you’ve been overlooked because you were born a certain color or gender, or into a certain socioeconomic class, or because you have unconventional ideas. Her experiences and the insights she learned will show you that the very qualities that put you on the outside with certain people or in certain environments are, in fact, your strengths. That your power lies in being able to recognize those qualities, define them, and leverage them in the pursuit of your dreams. They can help you build your own ladder and propel you forward from being underrated to unbeatable.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to gain the right experience for the next rung up the ladder.
  • Why storytelling is vital when seeking connections and forward momentum.
  • What role the team around you will play in your success.
  • How to recognize when it’s time to make a change.
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