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    You Can't Order Change

    You Can't Order Change

    You Can't Order Change

    Lessons From Jim McNerney’s Turnaround at Boeing

    by Peter Cohan

    Jim McNerney is smart about motivating people; crafting business strategies that spark profitable growth; and making operations more productive, efficient and effective. Most important, he is a genius at creating harmony within communities.  He wins hearts and minds with a clear vision of the future, combined with personal humility.  Learn how these skills help him pull off the seemingly impossible turnaround of Boeing. 

    What You'll Learn

    • How to unlock individual achievement in each employee, and identify and develop leaders.
    • How to set goals and implement strategies that help groups work together for the greater corporate good.
    • Why you should link pay to profit and process rather than stock price.
    • How to engage engineers so they are motivated to meet the needs of customers.
    • Why organic growth is better than growth by acquisition.
    • How to create a culture of ethics and compliance.
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    By Peter S. Cohan

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