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    The Solutions Focus

    The Solutions Focus

    The Solutions Focus

    Making Coaching and Change Simple

    by Mark McKergow & Paul Jackson

    Businesses waste precious time and energies attempting to solve problems. Organizations that adopt the Solutions Focus, write Jackson and McKergow, can do a better job of moving the workforce toward the best possible future and away from the finger pointing and blame game of the problem approach. The key is to focus on solutions not problems, the future not the past, and what to do as opposed to who to blame. In other words, instead of fixing problems, find what works and do more of it. A methodology based on six principles will help you achieve this Solutions Focus.

    What You'll Learn

    • The SIMPLE Model. The Solutions Focus methodology is built around a framework of six principles: 1. Solutions, not problems; 2. Inbetween - the action is in the interaction; 3. Make use of what's there; 4. Possibilities - past, present and future; 5. Language - simply said; and 6. Every case is different. You will learn how to apply each of these principles to your own problems.
    • The Solutions Focus Tools. You will understand how to apply certain Solutions Focus tools to help you implement the six principles of the SIMPLE model. The Solutions Focus Tools are: platform, future perfect, counters, scaling, affirmation and small actions.

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