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    The Quest For Global Dominance

    The Quest For Global Dominance

    The Quest For Global Dominance

    Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage

    by Vijay Govindarajan & Anil Gupta

    Worldwide market opportunities are available and the authors say that establishing a global presence is not enough. Describing how a global mindset is necessary to rethink who target customers are and what value should be delivered to them, The Quest for Global Dominance explains how companies can identify and develop the opportunities for value creation to gain competitive advantage.

    What You'll Learn

    • There are market opportunities worldwide. To grab them, you must identify key markets and establish a strong presence in them.
    • Global presence isn't enough. Turning a global presence into a global competitive advantage requires identifying and developing the opportunities for value creation that your global presence offers.
    • A global mindset is crucial for success. Cultural and geographic diversity are a challenge as well as an opportunity. Develop a global mindset, and you will be able to adopt successful practices and good ideas at home and across borders.
    • The rules of the global game are being reinvented. To reinvent your own rules, you must rethink the answers to the classic business model questions: Who are our target customers? What value do we want to deliver to these customers? How will we create this value?
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