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    The Necessary Revolution

    The Necessary Revolution

    The Necessary Revolution

    How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World

    by Peter Senge, Sara Schley, Nina Kruschwitz, Bryan Smith & Joe Laur

    The Necessary Revolution focuses on sustainability and the challenge for businesses to invest in new solutions to environmental problems and innovative strategies that will generate both short- and long-term profitability while helping to create a better world. The authors tell us that it is business that has the motivation, ability and resources to dramatically change the way we do things.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why life beyond the Industrial Age Bubble will be based on very different beliefs, assumptions and guiding principles from today.
    • How Sweden became the world’s model for reduced dependence on fossil fuel.
    • The many benefits for individuals and organizations of embracing collaborative leadership in the regenerative economy.
    • Why rethinking our actions and expanding our boundaries help us to see underlying limits and new forces at play.
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