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    The Momentum Effect

    The Momentum Effect

    The Momentum Effect

    How to Ignite Exceptional Growth

    by JC Larreche

    Jean-Claude Larreche presents a systematic approach for the design and execution of momentum strategy. He shows how to create new value through momentum and outlines a framework for building the leadership competencies that will deliver profitable growth. Larreche offers a pathway for harnessing the power of the momentum effect, adaptable for use by any business, in any industry under any market condition.

    What You'll Learn

    • How momentum starts, and how to maintain it.
    • What a "power offer" is, and how to create one.
    • What employees need to do to create company momentum.
    • Why some customers are worth letting go.
    • How some companies have started and maintained momentum for their organizations.
    • Tips to help managers on their journey toward momentum leadership.
    • How leaders can systematically generate and direct momentum.
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