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    Leading Loyalty

    Leading Loyalty

    Leading Loyalty

    Cracking the Code to Customer Devotion

    by Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne & Shawn Moon

    30-Best Selection Our editors have chosen this book as one of the 30 best business books of the year.

    In Leading Loyalty, co-authors Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne and Shawn Moon have identified the key differentiators of loyalty-leading organizations. Leading Loyalty helps you infuse the principles of empathy, responsibility, and generosity into every employee and customer interaction, and reveals the practices of everyday service heroes - the customer-facing employees who cultivate bonds and lift revenues through the roof. It’s time to invest in building loyalty. Leading Loyalty will show you the way.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • The three key traits of the Loyalty Leader Mindset.
    • How to genuinely connect with customers and colleagues.
    • The true meaning of being responsible to your customers and employees.
    • To infuse your organization with generosity that surprises and delights.
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