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    Conquering Consumerspace

    Conquering Consumerspace

    Conquering Consumerspace

    Marketing Strategies for a Branded World

    by Michael Solomon

    In Conquering Consumerspace, Michael R. Solomon, director of Mind/Share Inc., a consulting firm specializing in online consumer research, provides a lively exploration of the new realities of how we market to consumers today. In consumerspace, a place where our very reality is branded, marketers have a vast number of new choices that have been enabled by the dynamic nature of today’s interactive environment. This summary promises to help readers navigate today’s complex consumer economy, master its challenges, and capitalize on its boundless opportunities.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to tailor advertising messages to the worldwide economic force of Gen Y.
    • How companies have successfully developed customized personalization strategies online.
    • Ideas for gathering consumer input in the preliminary phases of designing and developing products.
    • How to use virtual communities to gather market feedback and create a buzz for your brand.
    • Strategies and guerrilla marketing tactics for grabbing the attention of today's jaded consumers.
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