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Executive Presence

The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO

Executive Presence
Item #: 3210

People reach highly influential positions because they deeply understand the power of perception and know how to leverage it in their favor. Harrison Monarth believes anyone with the will to succeed can do it, and he provides the techniques needed to take a career to its highest level.

  • How to command respect like a CEO.
  • Why social intelligence is an entire spectrum of survival skills that can make the difference in a career.
  • How to boost your social intelligence quotient in only seven days.
  • Why five storytelling techniques will help you to convey complex ideas.
  • How trust is the fundamental element and criterion of persuasion.
  • Why in dealing with any crisis, your response should always be two-pronged, with an operational response and a communication response.
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  • Summary Release Date: April 2010

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