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Breaking the Fear Barrier

How Fear Destroys Companies from the Inside Out, and What to Do About It

Breaking the Fear Barrier
Item #: 3404

In companies, fear can take many forms: fear of not meeting a deadline, of not getting a bonus, of losing decision rights and respect. Fear compels employees and managers to protect themselves by creating seemingly impenetrable barriers fortified by rules and practices that benefit one group while harming others. By learning from the real-world lessons in this book, leaders, managers, and employees can overcome the barriers that plague their company. The results promise to be transformational.

In this summary of Breaking the Fear Barrier, you will learn:

  • How your worst enemy is not always your competition.
  • Why so many organizations plague themselves with cumbersome, lumbering bureaucracies that can't quickly respond to market changes.
  • How some of your rules could be hurting your company's overall success.
  • How to find the courage to fix what's wrong in your organization.
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  • Summary Release Date: February 2012

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