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  • Is There Anything Left to be Said About Leadership?

    Yes, we know. There are thousands of books on leadership released every year. How to be a better leader, how to train better leaders, how to lead leaders with more leadership. etc. So it begs the question – is there anything left to be said about leadership? The three books we’re featuring in this newsletter […]

  • What If Leadership Isn’t What We Think?

    Is there any more charged word in business than ‘leadership’? Just the mention of it probably elicited some sort of emotional response in you as a reader. We’ve all read the guides to leadership that tell us to act a certain way around others, follow certain steps, and create environments that lead to results. But, […]

  • Rebuild Your Team

    When a business needs to reinvent itself or be reenergized, leaders can take the reins by focusing on their teams. This Edge supports these efforts through topics including setting up a team for self-management, guiding a team through a recovery phase, building strong relationships with team members, learning to lead as a high-potential leader, and […]

  • Build a Pipeline of Leaders

    What characteristics, skills and capabilities does your company count on in its leaders and does that criteria anticipate the company’s needs for the near and distant future? In this issue of Executive Edge, the focus is on how to fill a leadership talent pool, succession management, critical elements for developing leaders, integrating development and learning […]

  • Reach for the Rewards of Diversity

    Diversity in the workplace has proven to add value in decision-making, innovation and performance. But much of its success depends upon a company’s culture and leadership. This Executive Edge considers insider-outsider dynamics, fluent leadership, cultural intelligence, fighting unconscious bias, and managing diversity as a transglobal leader.  To expand value for their companies, leaders should reach […]

  • Working on Leadership Inside Out

    To achieve leadership success, it’s important to recognize what influences and shapes you as a leader. In this Edge, we urge you to take a hard look at who you are in order to find out what may be holding you back from your highest leadership potential. Learn what it means to develop self-awareness, to […]

  • Optimize Your Culture

    A successfully developed workplace culture engages, energizes and empowers employees and this can create a distinct advantage in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. In this Executive Edge there is insight into how culture drives competitive advantage, why you should invest in a positive work culture, how to connect as a leader, and why culture change should be […]

  • Create More Value for Your Business

    Value boils down to what a customer is willing to pay for your product or service. This Executive Edge looks at ways that value can be added to increase and sustain interest in what your business offers. It looks at defining your edge of disruption, creating internal and external partnerships, getting the full value out […]

  • Behaviors That Can Undermine Leadership

    Nobody is perfect –– we can accept that. But when imperfections become flaws that impact a leader’s effectiveness, that’s not acceptable. In this Executive Edge, we look at “fatal” flaws that can sabotage an otherwise good leader’s efforts. There is also information on how bad behaviors take root and insight into the difficulties of mastering […]

  • Maintaining a High Level of Trust

    Most C-suite executives and managers do not think about the organizational and societal consequences of low trust. However, the repercussions of low trust within an organization can be unfavorable to the culture, production and profits. In this issue of the Executive Edge, we look at how to maintain a high level of trust so that […]

  • How to Strengthen Work Relationships

    Part of what influences good feelings about work depends on building strong relationships with the people we work with. This issue of The Edge delves into the importance of seeking interdependence, encouraging others, optimizing team talents, building rapport, and instilling motivation. Ultimately, when people choose to work together and combine talents and capabilities, the results […]

  • Strategies for Profitable Growth

    As companies aim for their next pocket of growth, central to the planning should be a strategic balancing of offerings and a keen eye on the profits to be made. This Executive Edge reviews strategies such as starting with the core business, identifying demand profit pools, and differentiating your company in a smart way. For […]

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