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  • Story as a Tool for Action

    It has been demonstrated that people tend to remember information best if it is delivered within a story. It follows, then, that story provides one of the best ways to communicate your idea or your message to audiences of any size. In this Executive Edge, the focus is on story –– using story to drive […]

  • Put Your Heart Into How You Lead

    Ideally, leadership balances the needs of people and the needs of the business. It often means that leaders must shift more of their attention to others and less on themselves. This outward focus requires that you use not only your head but also your heart. In this Executive Edge we learn that tuning into the […]

  • Craft Ideas That Earn Buy-In

    It’s not enough to come up with a great idea, you have to know how to convince others to understand, commit and act on your idea. In this issue of Executive Edge, there is advice on how to build a framework for buy-in, set up your idea-selling strategy, get people’s attention and how to connect […]

  • Strategies for Critical Conversations

    When you’re trying to persuade someone to do, or not to do, something, it’s best to have the conversation face-to-face. It’s better than a phone call and far better than an email. This Executive Edge explores strategies for persuasion and also for being persuadable. Topics cover the process of persuasion, changing your mind, negotiation barriers, […]

  • Project an Inspiring Leader’s Image

    Inspiring leaders use their authority to positively influence their employees and their organizations. An important piece of this is to be the example that others want to follow. In this Executive Edge, the focus is on what it takes to earn those followers by examining how to act, the importance of walking the talk, maintaining a […]

  • How to Build Your Presence

    Aspiring leaders want to earn the respect of their peers, employees, bosses and the general public. It involves developing an executive presence and in this Executive Edge there is some helpful advice on social intelligence, personal branding and how to become more persuasive. There is also some insight into what characteristics are admired and a […]

  • Strive for Productive Conflict

    Managing conflict and not discouraging it has proven beneficial to advancing innovation, creativity and a healthy culture within many organizations. This Executive Edge looks into how to reach people when they are caught up in a stressful situation, make sure healthy competition stays healthy in the workplace, handle resistance, lead effective conflict, harness creative conflict […]

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