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  • Is There Anything Left to be Said About Leadership?

    Yes, we know. There are thousands of books on leadership released every year. How to be a better leader, how to train better leaders, how to lead leaders with more leadership. etc. So it begs the question – is there anything left to be said about leadership? The three books we’re featuring in this newsletter […]

  • What If Leadership Isn’t What We Think?

    Is there any more charged word in business than ‘leadership’? Just the mention of it probably elicited some sort of emotional response in you as a reader. We’ve all read the guides to leadership that tell us to act a certain way around others, follow certain steps, and create environments that lead to results. But, […]

  • Working on Leadership Inside Out

    To achieve leadership success, it’s important to recognize what influences and shapes you as a leader. In this Edge, we urge you to take a hard look at who you are in order to find out what may be holding you back from your highest leadership potential. Learn what it means to develop self-awareness, to […]

  • The Art of Instigating Change

    Convincing others to make a breakthrough change that you know is needed is not easy. This Executive Edge points out some key elements that should be part of your effort to initiate a successful change, such as: establishing the need for change, how to communicate the change, what kinds of tensions and resistance you’ll come […]

  • What Good Leaders Are Made Of

    Much of effective learning is through example and this is the premise behind this issue of Executive Edge that looks at what good leaders are made of. Some of the examples of good leaders and their lessons for strong leadership include current and former CEOs: Randall Tobias (Eli Lilly and Company); Jack Welch (General Electric); […]

  • What It Takes to Be a Generous Leader

    Leaders gain stature by exhibiting the qualities that followers can admire and choose to emulate. Leaders who focus on sharing their time, knowledge, skills, ideas and connections with others are likely to earn the allegiance of those who work with them. Businesses benefit, too, especially from the alignment of shared values and a common purpose. […]

  • Unlock Your Best Leadership Traits

    Today leaders are expected to be many things to many people and now they must expect more from themselves. This Executive Edge encourages leaders at all levels to be more like explorers than experts, face difficult circumstances head-on, become more socially intelligent, overcome any fear of failure, and to know when it’s time to stop, […]

  • A Recipe for Good Leadership

    There are many ingredients that go into making yourself a good leader. In this Executive Edge we consider essential instincts, personal strategies, essential practices, different roles to fill, and developing a vision for the future. As complex as business has become, it’s helpful to have a recipe for good leadership.

  • Define Yourself as a Leader

    This issue of Executive Edge looks at what it takes to be a leader, delving into characteristics and goals that are attributable to successful leaders, and framing some of the challenges that ultimately define the quality of leadership. Leadership is present everywhere in the public, private and social sectors. Defining yourself as a leader is […]

  • 5 Hurdles to Better Leadership

    In leadership there is always an opportunity to do better and to learn more. This Executive Edge looks into five challenges that you may be facing and solutions for overcoming them to become a more successful leader. Challenges noted here include mediocre results, team dysfunction, ineffectual conversation, conventional thinking, and achieving your personal-best. To stay […]

  • Empower Yourself to Be a Better Leader

    Anyone who aspires to lead well should have a keen awareness of what sort of leader they can be and want to be. This Executive Edge suggests qualities that will define and develop you as a leader, such as: maintaining a level of commitment, being decisive, taking responsibility, practicing mindfulness, becoming more disciplined, building a […]

  • Lessons From Leaders

    A critical component of successful leadership development is having opportunities to interact with experienced leaders from a variety of organizations, especially those who have valuable advice to share. This Executive Edge looks at the history of some well-known leaders and zeros in on specific takeaways from their leadership methods relating to demonstrating authenticity, leading in […]

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